enlightened assurance Plan

Solar energy systems on your home are a large investment that warrant protection.

The major components in every system (panels and inverters) carry 10-20 year manufacturer warranty periods and protect the purchaser against failure for the life of the system.  But should something fail, the labor to investigate and replace the material can be costly.

The maintenance cost for equipment warranty claims "should" be covered by state level mandates on contractors to warranty the installation aspects of the system for a minimum duration.  But solar installers have a high rate of turnover in the solar industry, and this causes risk and expense for repair should  the installing contractor be out of business.

Enlightened Solar understands theses risks.


The Enlightened Assurance Plan is included in every solar system contract we facilitate. A dedicated portion of the contract cost is allocated to a FUNDED warranty account to ensure that every potential equipment, labor, and long term maintenance risk is protected with real funds to fix the problem.



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