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  How Does a Solar Panel Work?

Understanding how solar energy works is a common topic of thought. There are both simple explanations for those of us who like the basics as well as more complicated answers for the science buff who desires to learn the deep inner-workings of solar systems. All of these explanations fall into this basic process:


  • Solar panels are placed on your home- usually on the roof. When the sunlight shines down, each solar panel is activated to capture the light.

  • Each panel is made with cells that have two layers of silicon- a negative and a positive- which creates an energy field. When the sunlight is captured by the solar panel, the energy field creates an electrical current that transfers sunlight into energy.

  • The energy that is working at this point is DC, or direct current, which is not conducive for electricity use at home. Therefore, an inverter converts the DC into AC or alternating current for your home.

  • Your usage is monitored with an electric meter. As your panels collect sunlight throughout the day, it is stored for later consumption. This means that even on cloudy days, you are using your solar reserve. If you collect more energy than you use, your electric company will typically give you a credit- basically, you have a rollover of energy to use.

When you are ready to take your home’s energy usage to the next level and decrease your electric bill tremendously, solar energy is the way to go. Enlightened Solar is a group of San Clemente solar contractors that are ready, willing, and able to convert your home to solar. Give us a call today to discuss how solar energy can change your life.


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